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"SASO" Launches Saber E-Platform to Facilitate Entry Procedures for Consumer Products Saudi Market

      Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO) has announced the launch of Saber electronic platform, which aims to register and issue conformity assessment certificates for consumer products before entering the Saudi market. Also, it aims at ensuring that products are free from defects that may affect the health and safety of the consumer. Saber's e-platform reflects SASO's vision to develop and activate the role of beneficiaries in the process of registering products and ensuring their conformity to standards and specifications before entering, and selling them in, the Saudi market.

SASO clarified that Saber e-platform makes it easier for beneficiaries, of local suppliers and manufacturers, to access conformity assessment bodies accredited by SASO around the world for the purpose of inspecting products and issuing conformity assessment certificates electronically and easily. In addition, it aims at facilitating and accelerating procedures for the entrance of products into the Saudi market in coordination with the Saudi Customs.  ​

Saber's e-platform was developed in cooperation with Thiqah Business Services in accordance with the highest standards of efficiency. These standards of efficiency include speed of achievement in registering products, searching for certified conformity bodies, reducing the time taken for beneficiaries in the process of conforming products, and obtaining required certificates of conformity.

Within the framework of joint efforts to facilitate and accelerate procedures for the clearance of imported products to the Saudi market for beneficiaries and their entry through Saudi ports, SASO is working with the Saudi Customs to be linked with Saber e-platform in order to facilitate importation.

It is worth mentioning that SASO plans, over the coming period, to hold workshops inside and outside the Kingdom for beneficiaries in order to raise awareness about Saber e-platform.

Moreover, SASO invites local suppliers and manufacturers to take advantage of Saber e-platform by visiting (


As per attached official notification from SASO kindly be informed that SABER system has implemented from 1st January 2019.

Started from 01/01/2019 Saleem program will replace the SASO CoC Scheme which was applied to imported products in order to obtain Market Access, Importers will require new certificates called Product CoC and Shipment CoC.

To implement Saleem, SASO also developed a web-based platform (SABER) for the issuance of Product and Shipment Certificates of Conformity.

SABER is website run by SASO where Importers shall access the system to register their products and issue Products and Shipment CoCs.

Regarding to the above, Please find attached SABER/SALEEM guidelines (English & Arabic), process flow and highlights

You are kindly requested to read them and share it with your concern colleagues in order to be aware about these new and mandatory regulations taking into account that Mars e-freights can be involved and support you in all below steps :

1- Handling Product Registration process (can be handled by the importer himself or by us if we got the importer SABER user name and password and help you to build the technical files forall Regulated and non-Regulated products)

2- Issuing the Product Certificate of Conformity “PCoC” (yearly registration)  (for regulated products only “list of regulated products along with HS codes is available upon request”)

3- Issuing Shipment Certificate of Conformity

4- Other required approvals and certificate (if applicable upon the product type) such like (factory inspection , IECEE, G-Mark, CITC, EER, EEL, SASO Quality Mark SQM, WEL, testing,,, etc)

Explanation Youtube Video:


Kindly share with us  list of products that you will import in order to offer you our best prices and inform you which one of them is regulated and which one is not and build the technical file and issue the PCoC accordingly  

for more information about Saber and your shipments, contact us anytime. 


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