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Jeem Certificate

SASO Has made the process more simple, they have announced that from 2nd February 2019, all lighting products will not be required to issue SASO certificate, whereas IECEE certificate will work SASO, client can get IECEE by themselves, or through any SASO agent, also client will need to make sure energy efficiency certificate and labels to be on the products. 

How to get IECEE

SASO is representative as (the member body) of Saudi Arabia in the international conformity scheme (IECEE) and it acts as a Saudi national certification body, Consignee needs to register themselves by visiting Jeem Saso website,  and then, they can get issue their certificates, or the agent can do this part for them, incase if you need any further support you can contact us. 

what products will it be required

All Lighting products. importing to Saudi Arabia, from 1st Feb 2019,.

This regulation applies for the imported products and components that require a national conformity certificate on a basis of the test certificate of the certification body (CBTC) and the test report for a specified model of a particular commodity as per the technical regulations or standards that are issued by its International Electro-technical Commission (IEC), taking into consideration the national differences.

Any other requirement:

Shipper also need to make sure they have Energy efficiency certificate as well as product should have energy efficiency label issued by SASO

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